Monday, February 26, 2018

TTC2.0 CD13 and CD16 update

Soooo, things have changed! On CD13, I went in for my ultrasound and blood work. Ultrasound showed the follicle on my right hadn't grown, but all of the sudden there was a follicle on the left measuring at 13mm. Lining was around 8.3mm. The doctor said, okay maybe this is the follicle that  will be dominant (referring to my left one). She called me later that day and my estrogen rose to 73.5 from 29. Okay, we're going somewhere!

CD15-Last night I decided to take an OPK around 8:30. Most of the time, I don't bother taking them until the mornings. Of course the ones I'm using have been all weird and blotchy, but it looked positive or almost positive. I start freaking out, of course.

CD16-I wake up and take an OPK. VERY positive. Go in at 7:15am and tell the doctor I tested positive with the OPK this morning. She checks my follicles. The one on the right is 19.5! The one on the left.... is gone... or at least we think it's gone. She had a hard time seeing anything on the left. OH! and my lining was 10mm!! omg! I went home to trigger right after the appointment and scheduled the IUI for tomorrow morning at 7:30. Of course, now I'm freaking out that I'll miss ovulation! Waiting for the doctor to call me with my levels, which should be in about 2 hours!!

Blood Levels

E2 190
LH 68